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FabNS offers comprehensive nanomaterial characterization services, empowering industries and research centers in developing novel nanomaterials and integrating them into production processes.

Access the full potential of the Porto system and the Portoflow analysis suite, combined with our analysis expertise, to gain insights into molecular composition, physical structure, spatial distribution, and other key parameters.

Agile Cycle: Hiring, Execution and results in up to 2 weeks only!

For nanomaterial

Collaborate with our R&D team to deepen your understanding of materials produced at micro- or nano-scales

For nanomaterial consumers & producers.

Establish and implement quality control protocols to ensure material specifications meet desired standards or adhere to official guidelines for specific materials

What we offer:

1. Technical discussions.

Engage in remote or in-person discussions with our characterization specialists to gain a deeper understanding of your materials and specific requirements

2. Viability tests.

Send your sample to our facilities for a viability test. This step will assess whether the sample is suitable for further studies, utilizing our state-of-the-art characterization instruments and expertise.

3. Scope definition.

Specify the R&D questions to address regarding a specific material or group of materials, identify the relevant techniques to employ, and determine the required investment

4. Execution.

Sample preparation, characterization experiments, data analysis, and interactive discussions with your team to gain insights. Receive a detailed final report outlining key findings and parameters.

5. Data availability.

Gain access to all data utilized in the report along with a temporary PortoFlow license, enabling you to independently analyze and visualize the data.


Specialized Pipeline.

Some available techniques at your disposal

Raman, AFM,
et al.

We also offer cutting-edge techniques such as nano-Raman, using our exclusive PortoSNOM system, for in-depth analysis, beyond the diffraction limit.

Specialized services for quality control and R&D.

Software tools and exclusive methodologies for robust and comprehensive analysis.


Characterization Report Sample

Download our demonstration report and talk to our experts.

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