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Picture of a notebook running a copy of the PortoFlow software.

PortoFlow Analysis Suite

Where the computer graphics industry meets spectroscopy. Take benefit from well-established data processing paradigms in the CGI industry in your research and laboratory analysis. Perform complex spectroscopy and SPM data analysis in a flexible, non-destructive, visual, and auditable manner.

node based analysis

Construct an analysis pipeline by simply interconnecting processing blocks. Quickly change parameters and let them propagate throghout complex analysis.

Integrate with your workflow

Import from multiple common formats (including TXT, SPC, SIF, WIP, SM4, and more) into the PortoFlow Analysis Suite and export the results in any format you need.

Screenshot taken from the PortoFlow software showing an analysis procedure.

Portoflow in Action

software Features

  • Novel node-based paradigm, enabling fully customizable, interactive, and non-destructive analysis;

  • Core set of nodes for analyzing large sets of hyperspectral data, SPM images, and also SEM data.

  • Unsupervised learning & classification algorithms, including PCA and spectral unmixing;

  • Transparent and visually understandable data processing pipeline;

  • Efficient curve fitting system: developed for performance, it is capable of complex fitting thousands of spectra simultaneously;

  • Parallel processing for reduced computation times;

  • Shareable, self-contained project files for collaborative studies.


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