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Porto-SNOM nanoscope


The Porto line is a novel and versatile scanning near-field optical microscope (SNOM) system built from the ground up to provide an ease-of-use experience, with a fast-learning curve, while providing a high spectral signal intensity and diffraction UNLIMITED spatial resolution. 


The Porto line-up consists of the Porto-Core system, capable of micro-Raman and other spectroscopy techniques, as well as the Porto-SNOM addon, which expands the Porto Core for nano-Raman measurements based on the TERS (tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy) technique. Porto delivers unprecedented Raman signal enhancements, while also providing an innovative control software and powerful never seen analysis tools.

Porto-Core Highlights

Modern control and analysis softwares

Real-time hyperspectral image processing capabilities on a user-centric, customizable interface.

​Open optics design

Optional access to excitation and collection paths, for maximum customizability in your research.

Remote operation

Fully operate the equipment remotely after placing sample.

Porto-SNOM Highlights

Resonant tips

TERS tips, using PTTP technology, provides optical signal enhancement in the order of 80x on 2-D materials (when comparing Raman intensity with and without the presence of the PTTP).

High Sensitivity non-contact AFM

The shear-force AFM implemented in Porto system enables imaging delicate samples with high precision, while also capting capturing spectral data.

Correlative Microscopy

Easily co-localize optical, SPM and SNOM measurements using the streamlined laser-tip alignment tools.

Porto SYSTEM in Action

Key Hardware Features

  • System based on an inverted microscope to achieve ideal stability and efficiency;

  • AFM: non-contact shear-force operation; Both probe and sample scanning options;

  • Fully motorized system with full remote operation;

  • Exclusive PTTP probes for TERS: unprecedented optical signal enhancement and spatial resolution (10nm in ambient conditions);

  • Signal acquisition in free space for better performance;

  • Optical fiber coupling option, for incresed flexibility;

  • Ultra-fast hyperspectral detection
    (EMCCD technology);


  • Simultaneous acquisition of optical and AFM data;

  • Open-optics concept: user-accessible excitation and collection paths for maximum customization; Easy, fast and efficient probe replacement system with magnetic coupling.

Porto Software Suite

  • Innovative and friendly control software;

  • Realtime hyperspectral image processing on the fly;

  • Acquisition history: automatically stores all measurements and associated parameters;

  • Novel node-based paradigm, enabling fully customizable, interactive, and non-destructive analysis, including PCA and spectral unmixing;

  • Transparent and visually understandable data processing pipeline;

  • Efficient curve fitting system: developed for performance, it is capable of complex fitting thousands of spectra simultaneously.

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