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Electron microscopy image of a TERS PTTP tip


Unprecedented optical signal enhancement
& improved spatial resolution for tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) and tip-enhanced photoluminescence (TEPL).

High signal enhancement

Signal enhancement of up to 100 times, when comparing Raman amplitude with and without the PTTP tips.

Raman spectra with and without the presence of the the tip for comparison.

Fast tip exchange mechanism

Tip exchange is entirely hassle-free and plug-and-play. The tuning fork probes are attached to a magnetic connector that is specially designed for the Porto system.

User holding a mounted PTTP probe in its magnetic coupler.
PTTP mounted to a quartz tunning fork.

Ideal for non-contact AFM

The PTTP Tips come readily attached to tuning forks, which in turn com mounted and factory-tested to our fast-exchange mechanism. Shear-force AFM measurements are ready to go.

Resonant operation

Electron microscopy and electron energy loss spectroscopy images of FabNS' patented PTTP TERS tip.

The tip materials and geometry are tuned for multiple operating conditions. Choose from gold or gold alloys for probes that are optimized for your needs.

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